Fraud Attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga & San Bernardino, CA

Fraud occurs when a defendant misrepresents relevant facts, makes false promises, or deceives a victim with the intent to deprive them of money, rights or property. It is an act that results in an unfair or undeserved benefit for the defendant and/ or causes harm or loss to another person.

When it comes to fraud charges, California law allows victims to recover damages for intentional fraud. The ability to pay restitution back to the victim becomes a large factor.

Often times, my office can work out a civil compromise with the alleged victim through our investigator. Whereby the charges can be reduced or completely dismissed.

Of course, if the party being charged did not commit the fraud, we can fight the case in a jury trial.

If you are under investigation or charges have been filed against you, contact our office for a free consultation if you live in any of the following areas: San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Banning, Victorville, or Riverside.

Fraud Defense Lawyers in Redlands, California

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