Greg Kassel

Attorney at Law
Greg was inspired by his father and brother who both practiced law. As an adult, it didn't take long for him to realize that law was the route he wanted to take as a career path, as well. Today, Greg proves to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to criminal defense.

Phillip Kassel

In His Honor, Memory, and Legacy
Our law firm began with a vision from the brilliant mind of Phillip Kassel. Knowing all too well how unfair the system is, Phillip established our office with very clear principles to fully and fairly defend the rights of those in San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and neighboring regions. Thanks to Phillip, our firm continues to thrive as a trusted name in the legal community.
Office Manager Susan Kassel Smiling

Susan Kassel

Office Manager, Book Keeper and Notary Public
Susan proves to be a valued member of the Kassel and Kassel team. She utilizes her administrative skills to make sure our office stays in order on a day-to-day basis. Susan is who you'll talk to for scheduling meetings, dealing with correspondence, and other tasks. Susan proves to be an intricate part of our team's success and it's a privilege to have her on the team.
Legal Assistant Rosie Beltran Smiling

Rosie Beltran

Legal Assistant and Notary Public
Rosie is Kassel and Kassel's legal assistant and helps with cases in a wide variety of ways. Whether it is conducting legal research, drafting documents, conducting investigations, or trial preparation, Rosie is prepared to help our clients achieve their goals in the courtroom. Rosie is a crucial part of our success and we're glad to have her on board. She has an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies.
Investigator Mitchell Cox Smiling

Mitchell Cox

As an investigator of Kassel and Kassel, Mitchell Cox oversees the gathering of information and organizing of materials that work in favor of our clients' cases. Mitchell's job involves looking through documents such as police reports, interviewing witnesses, examining any alleged evidence, and taking a look at other discovery materials that could be crucial for our clients' cases. Mitchell was a prior CHP Officer for over 20 years.