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California has strict laws regarding drug possession, manufacturing, and the intent to sell drugs. If you are charged with any drug-related offense, you could face several years of imprisonment, as well as high fines. Rather than take your fate into your own hands, talk to attorney Gregory H. Kassel at Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices in San Bernandino & Riverside County, CA. He is an experienced drug defense attorney, and will listen to your individual situation and recommend the best methods for presenting your case before the court.

Trust in Our Experience

Since 1953, Kassel & Kassel has helped clients in San Bernandino & Riverside County, CA and the surrounding cities with their drug-related offenses. During this time, we've protected the rights of countless individuals, no matter their lifestyle or background.
If someone has charged you with any of the following, don't wait to contact our team:
  • All felony and misdemeanor drug charges
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug possession
  • Drug sales
  • Drug trafficking
  • Meth lab operation
  • Prescription drug forfeiture
Whether you or your family members were involved with juvenile drug use, date rape drugs, or cocaine possession, you can rely on our drug defense attorney to help you put your best foot forward. With his legal advice and assistance, you may receive a lesser sentence or have your case dismissed entirely.

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At Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices, attorney Gregory H. Kassel understands the serious nature of drug-related crimes in San Bernandino & Riverside County, CA. To ensure the most favorable outcome, he'll work tirelessly on your case and assemble all the facts we can to validate your claims. Attorney Kassel will use his experience and in-depth knowledge of local and federal laws to defend you or your family members in the court.
If you'd like to schedule a consultation with our drug defense lawyer, call us at 909-884-6455 or fill out our contact form. Your first consultation will be completely free!